Have you ever had a puppy that would not let you teach it how to heel? Did you get frustrated with your attempts? Then you should learn how to teach your dog how to heal properly. Here is how to teach your dog how to heel on command.

Teach Your Puppy To Heel

The first thing you should do is take your dog for a walk. Take your dog off its leash and walk in a straight path. (Facing your dog will make her heel wider.) Walk briskly! Do not walk at your dog’s pace.

Do not raise your hand or shout in your dog’s face. Do not wave your arms around – hold your RIGHT hand right next to your face! Make sure to give your first command calmly and in an excited tone of voice!

When your dog begins to heal, keep your body still and walk as if you’re walking without the dog. Keep your arms and legs moving but keep your hips stationary. Gradually increase your speed and your direction until your dog is fully healed.

When your dog is completely healed, let her heel go naturally. This will be different from when you are first training your dog. A well-trained puppy will feel as soon as you give her the command.

After a while, it will become easier to teach your dog how to heel. In order to train your dog, it must be shown that heel means stop, or it will not learn to heal in time. If you are consistent in your training, it will become easier to teach your dog how to heel. Eventually, your dog will be able to heel on command without you having to lift your arm and shout at her!

Do not expect your dog to heel instantly when you give her the command to heel. You must show her when to heel. Start by standing behind your dog and making sure that her heel is down. Stand still and slowly walk forward until it stops.

When she has stopped to heel, gently put both hands down and place them against her belly. Bring her heel up until it touches your chest. then release her heel by holding her tail between her hind legs. You are now showing your dog that heel means stop.

Training your puppy to heel is not difficult, but can be frustrating if you are not consistent in your teaching. Be patient and persistent. You want to have a well-behaved dog that everyone in the family can enjoy.

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