So many people ask how to tell if someone has a drug addiction, it seems that these questions have come up so frequently that they have even become part of an informal list of “how to get a girlfriend”. It can be a little hard to answer such questions but it is certainly possible to tell.

How To Tell If Someone Has A Drug Addiction

You would not believe the number of times people say “I don’t have any particular drug in mind, I just need some marijuana.” This is the biggest mistake people make and it is one of the main reasons that people get addicted to any drug, alcohol, tobacco, cocaine, meth, or heroin. If you are going to date someone who has this kind of problem, you would do well to avoid them altogether.

What they usually want is something that will help them cope with the pain and suffering they feel every single day. They are not interested in ending up in jail or hospital, they want an immediate fix that will relieve the pain, give them energy, and get rid of the cravings that are constantly on their minds. That is the problem, the person is just not ready to deal with the problems that arise from drug addiction.

If you are going to date a person who does not have the proper mindset for a relationship, you will likely end up being dumped. Yes, there are some exceptions, but most people who have a drug addiction are not in that group. It takes time for the person to build up enough self-esteem to be able to take care of their addiction. If they do not get their life under control, they will relapse into their addiction.

So how can you tell if someone has a drug addiction? If they do not have any hobbies, interests, or friends, then chances are they are into drugs and are not living a healthy lifestyle. They may show signs of depression, or moodiness, and lack of self-confidence. Sometimes they may seem to be withdrawn or just plain weird, but if you do not know that is all, then you might just think they are lying about it, because they are not open about their personal life and are not comfortable talking about it. You can tell through their body language, and actions, if they are really into drugs.

There are some warning signs to look for when asking yourself “How to tell if someone has a drug addiction”. If you notice that they are not acting their best, then there are chances that they are not in top shape. because their brain chemistry is not in tip top shape. It is important to take the time and find out what is going on in their head before taking a big leap of faith.

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