Written by By Patrick Healy and Toni Guinyard and published on NBCLosAngeles.com

A suspect was arrested for the frightening attack on a real estate outside an Encino home, Los Angeles police said Wednesday, and indicated he is also under investigation for sexual battery of multiple other women.

The arrested man has an intellectual disability, his family said.

After video came to light of an open house visitor shoving a female real estate agent to the ground Sunday and then groping her, two other real estate agents indicated they recognize the man in the video as someone who had groped them while they were holding earlier open houses in Encino.

The suspect was identified by police as Alen Karaboghosian, 45, who lives with his parents in Encino. After the investigation focused on him, police began surveillance of the family’s Lindley Avenue home. When family membeers drove off Tuesday evening, officers pulled over the vehicle a few blocks away, and arrested Karaboghosian, according to LAPD Det. Wes Cooper.

Karaboghosian’s parents said after learning of the Sunday incident, they were driving to a police station. They disputed the notion that he intended to harm the woman. Calling him “kind-hearted,” a sister in law said Karaboghosian’s intellectual disability had been diagnosed at an early age, and sometimes affects his interactions with people. The family said when the agent told him to leave the open house and threatened to call police, it frightened him, and triggered his response. His father said when his son bent over the woman after he had pushed her to the ground, it was to help her, but her yelling scared him away.

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