What Are the Types of Rain Gutters?

One of the best ways to protect the foundation of your home is with rain gutters. There are lots of different types of gutters and finding one that is ideal for your home will depend on the area where you live. In order to ascertain what kind will work best, one should understand the three chief types which are available.

A free-standing gutter is one that stands alone and can be transferred from place to place. These are amazing for apartments and for homes with small yards. The only problem with these gutters is they are more vulnerable to damage than other forms. When snow or leaves fall onto the eaves of this free-standing gutter, it is more likely to break off and get into the walls of the house.

Another sort of gutter is the vertical, which goes up to a certain degree. This is the most popular kind of gutter and is made out of metal. It has a strong wire cover which helps to keep debris out. These gutters are usually very durable and last for a long time without needing to be replaced. They also make the best choice for a home with a straight roof.


Another type of gutter is the pitch gutter system. These gutters go down and have no visible outside edge. Most people like this sort of gutter because they do not need to be tilted. But this can cause some problems if there is a tree or some other object which may fall down and hit the gutter. This sort of gutter is usually best suited for houses with flat roofs. If you have a sloping roof, then you might want to decide on the traditional side gutter instead.

1 final sort of gutter is the leaf guards. These are made from plastic and sit on top of the gutter system. They keep out leaves, branches and other debris so that water can flow freely. They are very simple to install and work great. Just be sure they are designed to handle bigger than normal rain drops. They are generally made in order to keep out smaller objects also.


Knowing the different types of rain gutters can help you decide on the best one for your home. It might even save you money by helping you find a better performing gutter system. Remember, all gutters do not perform the same way in every home. Spend a little time exploring the types and determine which one will be perfect for you.

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