About Us

A professional photographer since 2010, He has forged a reputation as one of the leading real estate and interior photographers.

His career began at the real estate content provider servicing some of the industry’s biggest names at the time including the entire Boniface network. He was then requisitioned as Head Photographer in 2018 for a large real estate agency with offices throughout the state where he helped build the photography division, source other full-timers, train newcomers, and ultimately manage the photography team.

In less than 8 years, his expertise has become somewhat of a benchmark for aspiring real estate photographers.

His passion for photography certainly isn’t limited to the real estate arena. He’s a keen traveler whose thirst for new experiences has taken her on safari to the remote corners of Australia, surfing extensively through Thailand and journeying to the pristine Antarctic Peninsula just to name a few, and all documented from behind the lens.