Is it possible to use a remote control aerial camera to buy or sell a house? The brief answer is yes. This might look like an”out of the sky” question, but it is not from the realm of possibilities. We already use planes and satellites everyday to examine our properties, see what is there and even survey wildlife from our very airplanes.

Can we Use My Drone for Real Estate

So why not use that exact same technology to inspect a piece of property before putting down a large chunk of money in a buy? As I’m sure you can imagine, the answer is yes. The possible applications for this innovative technology are endless.

Can we use my drone for real estate inspections? I have already explained the need to survey any real estate property before purchase. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. I know this may seem like a tricky task, but it truly isn’t. With a little programming and a wireless device the average person with an interest in making this happen has all they need to do in order to acquire aerial photos of their prospective property. In addition, they don’t have to actually fly over the property in order to acquire the images either.

With the ideal weather conditions, a drone can fly out of the safety of a monitor for miles above the property trying to find anything out of the ordinary. They could pick up on odd stains on the drywall, see signs of insect infestation or find areas of vegetation which may be growing too fast for the area. A fantastic program will also alert the homeowner to some structural damages on the property. While all this is happening the person flying the drone can be chatting with the owner to find out the value of the property. Then they can go to the purchaser and hand them the amount they think it is worth.

This might seem somewhat strange to someone who is unfamiliar with aerial photography, but don’t let this stop you. The excellent thing about remote controlled aerial photography is that you can find everything there is to know on a remote controller. These devices are known as micro-aeropixels cameras and they have built in software that’s intuitive and enables you to search for anything you want. A excellent way to think of them as your own private investigator. If you are wondering how you might go about getting your own DJI drone available in the actual world, I suggest doing a Google search for”micro-aeropixels drone camera” or something similar.

As you can see there are a variety of applications for DJI drones and I am only scratching the surface. What if you were interested in using a Google Earth application to see your real estate listings? You could save all sorts of information and upload it to the program on your phone or tablet. It is wholly open source and you can get started today. Don’t let yourself be left behind, these applications can really help homeowners like you find your perfect place.

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