Complete Guide to Commercial Real Estate Drone Photography

Among the hottest ways to make money with a camera equipped drone is turning into a commercial drone photographer. This is where a property owner or real estate agent utilizes a industrial drone photographer to picture pictures of their property from a remote site. The footage is then edited and may be used for web sites, advertising, or advertising. Here are a few tips on the best way best to get started in this business.

It’s imperative that you have some previous flying experience before getting started with drone photography. Most real estate drones will require a permit, since it’s considered a kind of photography. You’ll need to visit the county or city government office to get your permit. Some areas even have regulations about who can fly drones over their private property. Make certain to check first if you can actually do the commercial photography before setting up shop and getting your camera.

Another way to get flying experience without having to pay is to use an Instagram accounts to fly your drone photography bible. The first thing you may want to do is create an account for your business using the popular social network. As soon as you have an account, upload a photo of what you want to shoot from a distant location and begin creating posts. People will notice your posts and that will encourage them to find out more about what you do. Soon enough you will begin generating followers that will drive traffic to your website and will eventually promote your photography business.

The next thing you’ll need to do is use Google’s keyword tool to find popular search terms people are searching for information on. Use the keyword for the product you’re selling and write a few articles using the keywords so you can get more views online. Then when you have written those articles make sure to put a picture of what you’re doing and that should get you some attention.

There’s one important thing to keep in mind before you begin using your drone photography to promote your business. You will have to stop every so often and take some shots to post on Instagram or Facebook. Those pictures will be great marketing tools for you. You will have to try to post at least 5 images each day so people will see you and will keep coming back. The more posts you make the more perspectives you’ll get. Eventually you will have people approaching you and may even ask you to take the images for them.

One of my favorite things about aerial photography is that I get to see the scenery and the landscape change in front of my eyes. I also get to see history being made as I am above it. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to help people experience something new that makes their world so much more beautiful. So, in case you ever get the chance to be an aerial photographer then do it. It is an wonderful experience!

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