As a self-confessed film fan, I was excited when I heard about how to take aerial photography with drones. There is not any complicated science behind taking aerial pictures and videos with drones. Everything is just the plain simple measures you would find out when you learn to photograph using any other type of camera.

When you learn how to take photos with drones, you instantly become a more advanced photographer because you’ll have the ability to create advanced techniques and framing ideas. That is if you can use the equipment properly. But let’s face it, even if you do manage to find the right gear for your quad, it does take some practice to perfect your signature style. There are no pre-made frames for your drone photography, only templates and custom-made ones you can download from the internet. So, you have to find the ideal template to meet your subjects.

Using your personal video camera, you can create your own template. Start by putting the front and back together. Use a blank disc, or something of similar size. Next, you’ll have to load it up with your own images and transfer them onto the disc using your PC. Now, all you’ve got to do is place the blank disc into the recorder, and click on the start button. A few seconds later, you will hear the noise of the blades of the drone photography aircraft.

The video equipment comes with a transmitter and a receiver, and you connect these together with the USB cable. To learn the basics of photography with a drone, the transmitter must be mounted on the upper front part of your body. It must also be attached to a helmet, or to a suitable surface, like a table or a window sill. The space between the transmitter and the receiver must be at least three meters; this is the minimal space.

Another thing to know about drone photography is that you can’t see your subject in real life. You cannot see eye to eye, or attempt to guess at what they’re thinking or intending to do. Unless you know exactly what the person is thinking or doing, you won’t know whether or not they will pose a specific way for you. Learn how to rely on your sensors, and trust your instincts, because, without those two primary elements, there is no way how to take professional quality photos of people, or anything else for that matter.

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